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 FAT  CAVITATION  Fat  cavitation  is a procedure to remove excess fat ( including cellulite ) without  surgery using ultrasonic cavitation . When the ultrasonic waves pass through the medium of liquid or semi- liquid ( fat tissue ) air bubbles (cavitation bubbles ) will be formed. Cavitation bubbles will grow rapidly and hit the lipid of cell membrane / fat with very high speeds (called microjetting / microstreaming ) causes fat cells / fat broken. Fat breaks down into glycerol and fatty acids . Water soluble glycerol enters the blood flow system , whereas water insoluble fatty acids enter the liver and will be metabolized like any other fatty acid derived from food. The destroyed fat and fat cells will be absorbed and metabolized and excreted through the body's lymphatic system . Advantages: no injection ( surgery ) / no pain . The losing fat are visible  and durable so that this process is called the formation of the body (body sculpturing / body forming ) . The most shrinkage of fat lies in the abdomen, hips , thighs and arms etc.

What is the advantage of Fat  cavitation  ?

  • The result was immediate shrinkage ( 2-5 cm ) in a short time ( 20-40 minutes) .
  • Non - invasive (no injections / surgery) , without pain , "no downtime " ( able to work right away ) .
  • Once destroyed fat cells will not be regenerated so that the results last long if  body weight is maintained .
  • No damage to other organs .
  • Results of 8 times Fat  cavitation  almost comparable to liposuction procedures.  
The phenomenon of cavitation : all forms of ultrasonic waves consist of expansion and compression cycles . The compression cycle gives positive pressure in the liquid , bringing closer the molecules , whereas expansion cycles provide negative pressure on the contrary  bring the molecules apart. During the expansion cycle  ultrasound waves with sufficient force will form  microcavities and the resultant air bubbles which continue to enlarge  until the final phase of the cycle and cause collision waves. Collisions lead to  destruction of fat cells so that the liquid contents of fat cells ( fatty acids ) get out of cells mixed with interstitial fluid to produce the emulsion. This emulsion will enter the lymph system.